Hands at the wheel

Responsibility and creative fair play

Series of ppt on creative leadership


1. introduction : Gods of mgt; notions of creativity; creative     personality; strange attractors.

2. SHITE process : refradroppedImage.pictming; managing change; idea killers; CLICK.

3. Interlude: brxbxp27914_5a.tifSELF & EGO axis

4. Integral leadership : AQAL & Spiral dynamics; leadership.

5. Integral leadership in practice: IDEO & Semco



The Handy Guide to the Gurus of Management
Ch.B. Handy on Ricardo Semleshapeimage_16.pngr: , here

Ricardo Semler: Set Them Free , interview by Brad Wieners

Tim Smit creator of the Eden project

FOCUS ON PROCESS :   http://www.creasynth.nl/creative%20focus/

Creactivation : creativity and I - WE - IT (AQAL ,


Dutch language books discussed

“en M. Kets de Vries; neurotische organisaties en ppt

PPT on creativity

* Multiple intelligencies , Howard Gardner, different sides of creativity

* Notions of creativity , James Hillman on creativity & mindmap

* Paradox in creative personality , Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The colour of culture

Spiral dynamics: summary