the number which contains all numbers

This voyage started with stuckness and indeed "Getting back to zero" is usually not considered a good position. Yet in creative thinking I think it is the best starting position you can find. You just have to realize it You are like a man from Mars! You know all about people but forget about how things have been done before .
You are ahead of all others who start encumbered by luggage and knowledge of how things are usually done. The zero position is ideal: any number multiplied by zero becomes zero. So zero must be a very powerful starting position. It is a bit like starting in a new job. You look open eyed, unbothered by routines and 'zero in' and 'zero out' at will. That's why the last chapter of this book is called zero, a circle.

It is always good to start with yourself with two feet on the ground, in the middle of your own circle, your life space. You can move in all directions and instead of walking around on the periphery you create within the space you have got. It is the creative consciousness of your potential. The way to make all different emotions one: alone is how we start our journey and how we end it. Perhaps it means 'all one': all potential in one person actualized.
A meaningful and productive life which makes sense to one's self.

creativity = giving sense to your life