When I stand in your shoes, how well can I see myself?

When I drive my car in the reverse the mileage counter does not record the distance. So it is with reversing the situation, you cover the grounds but it does not really count. It is a way to reconnoiter the situation.
An example of reversal is given in the entry called answer. By positioning yourself at the other side or turning a particular situation upside down you will have a new perspective. Really imagine that you have the answer to a particular problem, which should not be too hard. We call something a problem when it is not the way we want it. Turning this around means that I start from the situation I do want and then look how to get there.
At the start of an assignment I can look for what is finally wanted by putting myself in the shoes of the boss or client. What would I want if I were ......? By asking the questions my own role will become clearer, not by looking at myself but at others.

Or I can see what I would have to do in other to most certainly not reach my goal. For instance: 'How can I get the client to really not buy our product?' or 'How can I give the most boring presentation ever?' By listing all ways to reach that I only have to turn them around to find what should be done.
This is a paradoxical way of observing external reality which can be fun.