Have other ask you what you have seen: CSI as creative scene investigation.

Debriefing means to interrogate a pilot or agent in order to obtain useful information or to instruct a person not to reveal any classified information after release from a sensitive position. After carefully analyzing whatever assignment you are to embark on, you can map a brief: a concise statement statement of a client's case, an outline or summary. Thus you have stored the information. Then it may be advisable to 'debrief' i.e. after interrogating the people involved you can forget all about it. You do plan certain times that you will work on it, but since it will probably not be the only thing you have to do you give full attention to the matters under way.
In an inquiry of New Scientist it was found that more than 80% of the scientists questioned went to bed with a problem and awoke with a solution or an alternative approach which mostly proved very successful! It is the 'fantastic' feature of our mind to continue working on data and information stored while we are asleep that explains this phenomenon. Similarly debriefing is a way to continue 'unconsciously' working on information while going on with everyday life. Most likely you will find that there are lots of things that are related to your brief anyway. Various principles are at work to make this possible e.g. synchronicity, and the fact that every individual structures external information in his own particular manner on basis of his knowledge. (see also change and perception).
When all the data is ordered at the planned times, the assignment will develop as of itself. No sweat rooms, no unnecessary pressure, simply you making use of your potential.