concept storming

In order to double your success you have to quadruple your failures.
Watson (IBM)

Concept storming is a technique I have used successfully to help people break away from established patterns. The concepts have been taken from the Edward de Bono's Atlas of Management Thinking (Pelican Books, 1983). The book has two purposes: right brain thinking and communication. It has been specifically written for the right side of the brain - the intuitive side. As De Bono explains, it can be used as an Atlas, a visual reference system, and although thinking is an abstract subject he believes that we can create perceptual maps of its use. These perceptual maps are simple 'idea pictures' to demonstrate a particular concept, e.g. for 'motivation'
and for 'no communication'
The short text under each drawing explains the concept in words. The subjects described are very varied and to the point e.g. confrontation, productivity, problem-solving, opportunities, change, planning, information, failure, basic thinking, to name but a few of the 200 concepts. Every main subject is viewed from about 10 different angles. When the participants in a session receive a different concept, they explain this to the others. The amazing thing is that although they may not agree with it, they tend to explain it very well and 'defend' it to the others. In this way various angles of one particular aspect are reviewed, which will be very inspirational when the actual situation is reviewed.
Studying the concepts functions as an excursion from the real situation and has very much the same effect as a metaphor, except that the concepts are ready-made.