mind storming

'And what is good, Phaedrus, And what is not good - Should we ask others?'

Mind storming is a technique to call upon unknown sources of knowledge. Knowledge hidden in the unconscious. 'Unconscious' is a relative concept. When someone tells me about an event I cannot recall, I am unconscious of it. If he then presents information which makes it possible for me to recall the event, I have made it 'conscious'. Mind storming is a technique to recall knowledge which is temporarily unknown. The technique is very simple and requires 'no more' than discipline to keep a promise made to yourself.

This promise is to formulate twenty (20!) answers to one question. The question formulated should be unambiguous and clear. Twenty answers (!?) because you want to activate your unconscious. The first five will be simple to find, they are the obvious ones, you don't have to think for them. The next five will be less easy but not difficult. Ten to fifteen will be difficult and less obvious. The last five will be really difficult, however, you have to keep a promise. The last answers will be the most interesting since they come from deep down. By setting yourself a clear goal of twenty answers, no more no less, you will have created time. We always allow ourselves the time to do something if we have planned it. You are also making effective use of your resources: 'full resource management'.
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