A template for a serious kick off


Is it art, originality or problem solving?
Is it a natural talent or can it be learned?
Is it an individual trait or can it be organized ?

“It is the sound of the wind in the pine trees,
... on a painting.”

The mindmap (click below for kick off) gives an overview, an orientation, exploring both the individual and group characteristics. By studying them you will have an idea on how to apply the tools and techniques to review and build your own creativity management strategy or perhaps more questions! But at least an idea what to look for.


Reframing problems into goals and idea generation to find new opportunities. I.e. looking for questions (delay judgement) to which your enterprise is the answer.
The basic process has four steps:
SEE-HEAR-INVENT-TRYout-EXPERIENCE, and is explained in a separate mindmap: the creative focus.
A kick off for INVENTIVE SEARCH, the diverging stage to get out of the box , is given.

Is is all about Asking the questions for the right leadership to manage the imaginization and creactivation and create everybody’s commitment, finding the sources of ideas and the killers.

“To live outside the law, you have to be honest.”
B. Dylan

background - defining creativity

We all have different ideas about what creativity is (laws or paradigms); these notions are explained and you can link them to the type of organization (spiral dynamics) that opens the door to creativity and
promotes enthusiasm, alignment, self-initiated activity, openness and effectiveness. Often one’s personal notions find their root in an archetype. Four archetypes are described and you can test them.
Interested ? go to the Creativity survey for a serious
kick off.

For a comparison of the creative process with chado (zen practice) see